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Rules & Conditions

  • Toys must be returned in good condition on the due date. You may telephone to extend borrowing time
  • Overdue toys will be charged for at the original loan fee
  • The Toy Library reserves the right to revise its charges
  • Up to three items, per child, may be borrowed at any one time
  • Toys may only be borrowed by the member who has been named in the database
  • Members must be over 16 years of age
  • Serious complaints will be dealt with at the time by the Organiser, and thereafter referred to the Management Committee of the Toy Library
  • For toys lost or damaged the member should discuss payment or repair with the Organiser
  • The Toy Library has the right to take steps to recover toys that are not returned
  • Any changes of address of the member must be notified to the Toy Library
  • Any children brought along by the member are the responsibility of the said member
  • The Toy Library accepts no liability for loss, damage, or injury, including injury resulting in death, however caused, save where such loss or damage on injury is solely due to the negligence of any representative of the Toy Library
  • It is the members responsibility to inspect the toys and ensure that they are suitable for the proposed use and the age of the chld(ren) concerned

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When you submit your customer registration form, it will be checked by the Organiser here at Hinckley & Bosworth Toy Library. All you need to do is visit the Toy Library and pay your joining fee (see about us for more details) and your account will become active. From that point on you can start borrowing our toys!

Finally, it is very important that you read the Rules & Conditions opposite, as you will be bound by these rules on registering for an account.

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